How Professional Inspections Affect the Price of a Home in Pittsburgh

Home inspections are an essential part of selling your property at or above market value. In the Pittsburgh area where we serve, home prices have continued to rise significantly. While this is great new for existing homeowners, failing to take the right steps during the selling process can greatly reduce the potential gains.

What Does an Inspector Look At?

Here are just a few of the areas the home inspector reviews during your Pittsburgh Area Home Inspection:

The structure

The overall security and durability of your structure will be carefully examined as well. Inspectors will look to see whether your home is sitting perfectly upright or slanted in any direction for whatever reason. He or she will then determine whether or not the property is safe for future inhabitation, rehabilitation and renovation (if needed). Any home that’s determined to be unsound will need fixing before it can be put on the market, plus it can decrease the asking price of your property significantly (especially if it’s a newer house).

The entries

Inspectors will take time to look closely at your home’s entryways as well, with most of their attention paid to the windows, doors and trim. If everything looks squared away and intact, you’ll have nothing to worry about. But if the inspection reveals any issues (large or small) with the integrity of your entries, the price of your property may suffer greatly. However, as long as there’s no visible rotting, the caulking is solid, and the glass panes are all unbroken, things should check out just fine.

The exterior

Comprehensive inspections always involve a diligent look at the exterior of the home. Your siding, stucco and stonework are going to be looked at more closely than they ever have been before. Inspectors will search for dents, bowing, cracks, flaking, rotting, or any kind of decay that would suggest the need for a repair. Their findings could put you behind schedule significantly if the home hasn’t been well managed, plus negative findings can reduce the home’s asking price if the potential buyers want to fix the issue. Remember, most people hunt for houses with their eyes, so make sure the exterior is prepared.

The layout

You may not think that the layout of your property is that big of deal when it comes to the final inspection, but it most certainly is. Poor layouts can be seen as potential fire hazards, for one thing. For two, the layout may reveal some things about your home that you’re currently unaware of. Inspectors will look for signs of faulty framing and water damage. Leaning walls and stained ceilings are usually the biggest culprits for reduced asking prices, by the way. Your interior insulation and heating vents will also be examined, so prepare yourself (especially if the room is drafty).

These are just some of the many items a home inspector will examine during your home insepction. As always, please contact us today with any questions you may have.

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