How long does it take to perform a Home Inspection in Pittsburgh, PA?

You probably know the importance of having a home inspected before buying it. One question you may be asking yourself though, is how long a home inspection in the Pittsburgh Area takes to complete. There are a few things that affect how long a home inspection takes. Read on to learn more about these factors:

Size of the property being inspected:
Perhaps the factor with the most influence on a home inspection time is the size of the home. A smaller home will obviously take less time to inspect compared to a larger home. Also, homes with large basements and attics will take longer to inspect than homes that don’t have them.

Location of the property:
The environment in which a home is located also affects the inspection length. Homes that are located in areas that experience drier weather will be easier to inspect than a home located at the top of a hill. Also, homes in areas that experience severe storms will probably take longer to inspect, as there are more factors to take into consideration.

Risk of disasters:
Depending on aspects such as location, some homes may be more difficult to inspect because there are so many factors to consider. This is especially true for homes located in areas that are prone to flooding, tornadoes, or wildfires. Not to mention, there might be extra spaces, such as basements and storm shelters, to inspect.

Age of the property:
Houses more than 50 years old take longer to inspect because there are more tests that need to be administered to ensure that the foundation is in good shape. Older homes might have outdated or even dangerous aspects, such as paint with lead in it, which need to be removed and replaced prior to purchase.

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