Does your Pittsburgh area home have Termite damage?

Termite damage in Pittsburgh homes

What’s the Deal with Termites in Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh weather, with both rainy springs and hot summers, is like a welcome mat for termites. They’re not your typical houseguests, but they love it here. And the tricky part? They’re hard to detect. Understanding where they thrive and how to detect them is key. Catching them early can save a homeowner costly repairs.

It’s Important to Catch Them Early

Less Damage, Less Hassle: Termites are unwanted pests that are known to eat through your walls. Catching them early means they do less “eating” and you do less repairing.

Your Wallet Will Thank You: Termite damage repair can cost a pretty penny. Finding them early keeps that money in your pocket.

Stop Them in Their Tracks: Spot them early, and you stop them from spreading to areas in your home you frequent, such as a den or study.

Sleep Better at Night: There’s something comforting about knowing your home is termite-free.

Spotting the Un-welcome Visitors

Keep an eye out for these signs:

– Tap your walls. Does the wood sound hollow? If so, there may be termite damage.
– Notice any wood getting darker or paint bubbling up? Not a good sign.
– Mud tunnels on your walls or beams? Termites might be thriving here.
– Spot a swarm of winged insects? Time to take action.

How can I be sure I do not have termites?

One way to ensure your home is termite free is hiring a local Pittsburgh area home inspector to inspect your entire home. We are always here to help answer your questions. Contact us today!

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